Reset, Retrieve Password of Hotmail Account

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Reset, Retrieve Password of Hotmail Account

Having a Hotmail account is very useful for you when using mobile devices and computers. In this article, we are going to show you how to reset, retrieve password of your Hotmail account when you forgot or lost it.

You forgot the password of your Hotmail account? You have no idea what to do? There is no need to be so worried. Today, we are going to guide you to retrieve your password in the easiest way, if you don’t want to create a new Hotmail account anymore.


Step 1: Access to this link:  to reset your Hotmail password.

Here, you tick on I forgot my password then click Next


Step 2: Enter the username of your Hotmail account, enter characters string you see then click Next.


Step 3: This step has 3 options for you to retrieve your password.

      – Text ……….: Use the phone number when you registered the account to receive the activation code to change password (SMS)

     – Call ………..: There will be a call (automatically) to your phone number for the activation code.

     – I do not have any of there: If you do not registered with your phone number, then use this option.

Then enter the activation code sent to your phone number and click Send code


If you don’t get the activation code, you can choose the 3rd option: I don’t have any of there and click Next.


Then enter the secondary email address you used to sign up for Hotmail account. Go to that secondary email address to check for the activation code.


Step 4: After you’re done, your password will be changed by entering new password and click Next.


Step 5: Click Next


And this is the result when your password has been changed:


With these detailed steps, we hope that you are now able to reset, retrieve password of your Hotmail account fast and easily.

Good luck!

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