How Retouching Can Be Used to Enhance Pictures

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How Retouching Can Be Used to Enhance Pictures

Even though photographers are able to take amazing shots, there are limitations that these individuals face in terms of unattractive backgrounds, locations, weather, reflections and other factors that diminish their photos.

A digital editor is tasked with the challenge of improving the composition of the photographs that the photographer has taken, and of returning an impressive product.

While retouching is usually considered to be the touching up of skin or the removal of a blemish from a billboard model’s face, this is actually a much more in-depth process and one that involves many other factors than solely this.

Outdoor Photos

Think about photos that have been taken of a fashion model, outside and during the day. Throughout the day, photos that have been taken with natural light will involve varying levels of sunlight due to the movement of the sun across the sky. While the photographer may have changed positions and or moved the camera to make optimal use of the light, there is only so much that this individual will have been able to do.

Improving The Clarity Of Images Through Retouching

The process of retouching these outdoor photo shoot pictures makes it possible to eliminate unfortunate reflections from glass surfaces on the building that was directly behind the model. Light levels are boosted for images with fading issues and to ensure that the model is capable of standing out from the surrounding scenery. For every shot, adjustments are made to the luminance via the use of a black and white layer for increasing the balance of soft white light, which is exceedingly helpful for altering the way in which the background looks.

Showcasing The Best Of Photo Models

Wrinkles, blemishes, damages from photos that have been archived, and other superficial or cosmetic issues can be removed using Adobe Photoshop or other software options, along with the artist tools that these include. Alterations to hair color, skin brightening, the removal of freckles, facial slimming, and even the addition of interesting reflections in a model’s sunglasses are some of the many possibilities.

Applying additional makeup, adding a simple tattoo on the side of a model’s neck, reddening his or her cheek color, and other actions will all enhance the final photo ahead of web or print publication.


In terms of the final shot, there are a number of important things that photo-realism can accomplish. Using various retouching methods to enhance photos, make models look perfect, and clean backgrounds up should always produce realistic or true to life results. When something does not look natural within a photograph, this element is going to stand out and diminish the photo overall. Indeed, some photos might actually be better than life in comparison to their original stills, but the end result has to look natural to the human eye. If it doesn’t, this means that the retouching efforts have failed in terms of photo-realism.

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